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Abidah Billah Setyowati, PhD

Dr. Setyowati is a human geographer by training with PhD from Rutgers University-the State University of New Jersey, USA. She has a solid professional and research experience in climate and natural resources governance, biodiversity conservation, PES, REDD+, community based natural resources management, sustainable development, as well as social inclusion and gender perspectives in those issues.Dr. Setyowati has 15 years of professional experiences working with international agencies (USAID, UNDP, UKAID, UNEP, among others), NGOs and academic sectors in Asia, USA, Europe and Australia. She has been designing and managing programs and conducting policy analysis, need assessment, program monitoring and evaluation as well as a trainer for capacity building activities. She has carried out gender assessment and analysis, develop and oversee the implementation of gender mainstreaming strategy, gender and social safeguards (especially on REDD+ and climate mitigation project) as well as design and facilitate gender analysis training. 

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