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To accelerate women’s empowerment, WOCAN  has created W+: the world’s first standard to measure positive impacts to women’s social and economic empowerment from projects such as climate change mitigation and international development programs.  The W+ Standard™ creates shared social value  in six domains: Time, Health, Education & Knowledge, Food Security, Income & Assets and Leadership.


Example Outcome

Example Indicator

Example Activity

Income and Assets

Increased  community funds under women’s control

Increase in Assets (land, trees, equipment, livestock)

Support development of  women’s savings and loan initiatives (ex. through seed funds)


Improved well-being and increased productivity

Increased discretionary time.

Increased sharing of women’s work

Provision of time saving technologies and tools

Education (and Knowledge)

Increased knowledge and skills

Increased access to literacy/ numeracy, business skills, and agriculture and health skills

Classes or training and site visits to see successful activities of others


Increased decision making roles for women

Increased representation in governance bodies.

Establish quotas for representation of women in governance bodies

Food Security

Increased food security (decrease under and malnutrition)

Decrease in period of Food insecurity (determined locally)

Provision of technical inputs (including seeds, tools, storage bins, irrigation, etc.)


Improved  health

Improved air , water quality

Installation of improved services (e.g. cook stoves, methane digesters)


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