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How will the W+ Standard be applied?

Existing or new projects should assess how the W+ can be integrated into their project.  Any type of economic development or environment project is potentially applicable: forest, renewable energy, clean water, agriculture, etc.  

Projects must plan for and measure progress in at least one of the six domains: Income and Assets, Time, Education and Knowledge, Leadership, Food Security and Health.  

Once projects are defined and underway their outcomes will be monitored and measured and verified by an external auditor that has been approved by WOCAN

Organizations/projects that have obtained satisfactory results will be issued W+ certificates for a specific number of units which can then be sold to corporations, investors and individual buyers.

The W+ will also provide a new revenue stream to women and their groups through benefit sharing mechanisms required by the Standard.

WOCAN is committed to understanding the outcomes of the W+ Standard's application and how process and outcomes can be improved. When there are a sufficient number of applications of the W+ Standard WOCAN to inform an assessment, WOCAN will commission or conduct an impact evaluation and will publish the full report on this website

Who is using the W+ Standard


The W+ Project Flow

Project Description and Submission

W+ Project Idea Note (PIN) is submitted by Project Developer to WOCAN as per PIN Template

Project Design Document Development  (PDD)

Develop W+ Project Design Document (PDD) as per PDD Template

Project registered after review and approval by WOCAN

W+ Readiness 

Implementation of activities as per the PDD


Project Developer measures and monitors project activities as per PDD and Monitoring Plan

Prepare the Monitoring Report as per the M&E Report Template  


Pre-accredited W+ auditors validate and verify Monitoring Report and project results

Auditors will prepare the Verification Report as per the Verification Report Template

W+ Unit Issuance

WOCAN issues W+ units to Project Developer

Direct Share Payment

Project Developer makes Direct Share Payments to women beneficiaries (required for 2nd verification)


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