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Lee West

Market Development and Financing

Lee West began his career in money management in 1984 with Wall Street firms acting in various investment advisory capacities and financial services businesses. Through his various companies, he held and holds interests in CleanTech, Environmental Market Technologies, Equity Market Trading Technologies and advisory positions within the financial services sectors. Mr. West consulted over a 13 year period to over 200 hedge funds and money managers with over $34bn in assets across the US. During this period, he assisted in the formation of over 400 investment entities, offering back office, infrastructure, outsourced trading, administration, facilities management, compliance and accounting services. Mr. West is a current and former member of the board of numerous private companies, as well as several non-profit organizations. He co-founded and served as the Chairman of the San Francisco Carbon Collaborative (SFCC), which acted as a non-profit multi-stakeholder partnership between the Mayor’s office in San Francisco to businesses and NGOs that promoted rapid and effective business and policy responses to climate change. Mr. West is also a Director for The Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX), an environmental commodities exchange operating in over 26 countries that .supports the trading of carbon credits that are originated under both the UN Clean Development Mechanism, independent voluntary standards, water rights trading and other environmental commodities worldwide. Lee is also a Board Member of WOCAN.

Los Angeles, USA

Ph: 310.393.1900, 415.318.3900

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