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Leisa Perch

A development specialist with more than 20 years, Leisa Perch specializes in the social dimensions of Natural Resource Management and the nexus between social and environmental policy. She has worked on a range of development issues from climate change to green growth, bringing a strong gender perspective to these areas as they have expanded or been consolidated into fields of development practice. Her work on ecosystems include forests, coastal and marine resources as well as agriculture and rural development and she has worked on issues across the globe including in small island developing states and the Caribbean, Southern Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East, Asia and the Baltic States region. She is well-published and is a Lead Author for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report as well as the first ever Global Gender & Environment Outlook to be produced. She is currently an equity dimensions expert to Global Environment Outlook – 6 Report and a member of the Gender in Fisheries Team (GIFT) which focuses on the Caribbean. Having worked previously as Deputy Representative, UN Women and in various roles with the United Nations Development Programme in policy and programmes, she is now a free-lance consultant with assignments in Mozambique and Barbados. She is also a member of the Expert Working Group for the development of Gold Standard's gender framework. During her career, she has been involved in various aspects of Monitoring and Evaluation including providing expert review, comments and inputs to various policies, programmes and strategic documents. Ms. Perch has a Masters Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Nottingham and a BA Honours in International Relations from Keele University, both in the UK. She is a longstanding advocate for environmental policy which actively contributes to gender equality and for gender policy that addresses the critical role of equal access to quality and quantity resources.

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