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Marietta Shimizu-Larenas

Marietta Shimizu-Larenas is an anthropologist and international advisor on social inclusion and gender equality in sustainable businesses, certification schemes and social governance. Marietta has broad experience advising public private partnerships (PPPs), international financial institutes and project developers making businesses compliant with international standards and certification (including those of the IFC Performance Standards, Fair Trade) and beyond: to go the extra mile for positive impact on livelihoods, particularly those of women.  She is a certified auditor on human rights at the work floor (SA8000) and developed social and CSR strategies for agribusinesses, mining and hydropower projects in Latin America. She also co-developed guidelines for community development and mining with the World Bank and published a CSR toolkit in Spanish with the Dutch Embassy in Lima Peru. She developed funding selection criteria and monitored social and gender indicators for an innovative Finnish Program (AEA) on climate change and renewable energy for the Andean region and coached four country teams on making clean technology work for improvement of rural livelihoods and value chains, such as cocoa, sugar cane and dairy products.

In her work as senior policy officer at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marietta was a member of the Task Force for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality providing guidance to programs under the Aid to Trade agenda, informing PPPs in the water, food security, energy and climate change sectors on how to develop a gender strategy with results-based gender action plans. She organized sharing and learning sessions and convened an international gender and mining working group. She participated in the development of a gender and climate change action plan with UNFCCC and reviewed gender strategies and gender action plans of the World Bank, Global Environmental Facility, Climate Investment Fund and Green Climate Fund. Moreover she engaged in consultations on measuring co-benefits of energy efficient technology in ESMAP. She also was member of a CSR IMVO panel selecting best practices on land rights with women’s rights. Marietta is a member of WOCAN since 2008. 

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