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Measuring the Knowledge and Skills Generated by the LienViet Bank Program

Project Status: 

WOCAN was commissioned by the Department of Foreign Aid and Trade (DFAT/Australia) to apply the W+ Standard to measure the impacts of financial literacy education on women’s empowerment. The project is implemented by the LienVietPostBank with the aim to benefit two groups of people:

  • Female end-users through the provision of a specialised tool for making payments, financial management, and financial literacy for unbanked women
  • Female agents through generation of additional income and security gained through financial knowledge and sales skills.

The LienVietPostBank project aims to reach at least 500,000 female end-users, including 5,000 female collaborators and 2,500 agents who are owners of groceries/ mini-shops.

The main objective of the W+ project is as follows:

  • To quantify the knowledge and education outcome (s) generated amongst women who undergone the course (s) on financial literacy
  • To generate W+ Knowledge and Education units that will result in the W+ Certification of the Knowledge and Education Domain for the LienVietPostBank’s project

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