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Measuring Time Savings and Increased Income Generated by KhRoS Cookstoves

Project Status: 

WOCAN has been commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian government (DFAT) to apply the W+ Standard to a project selected by the the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) to receive financing, under their Clean Start initiative. The Hydrologic Social Enterprise Company Ltd initiative to commercialize the new clean and energy-efficient Khmer Rocket Stove (KhRoS) on the Cambodian market was selected by UNCDF, DFAT and WOCAN for the W+ Standard application.

The main objective of the W+ Standard application to the project is as follows:
  • To quantify the time saved by women through the use of the new clean and energy-efficient Khmer Rocket Stove (KhRoS) using the W+ Time method, to understand how much time has been saved by women and how it has used;
  • To quantify the increase in women’s income and the subsequent conversion of increased income into assets, using the W+ Income and Assets method.
  • To generate Time and Income & Assets units that can be sold to generate revenue for the company and for women’s groups
  • To identify mechanisms for revenue sharing with women beneficiaries.

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