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W+ Feasibility Assessment for ICS Programme of SNV Lao PDR

Project Status: 
The assessment was conducted to validate the level of viability of the W+ Standard in the context of the SNV Integrated Cookstove Programme (ICS) in Lao PDR.
The ICS Programme aims to improve the cook stove value chain by supporting producers and manufacturers to develop more and higher quality stoves, while supporting retailers with an effective marketing strategy, and ensuring accurate information is provided to consumers. The assessment was conducted in three sites: Vientiane capitol and Savanakhet and Champasak provinces of Lao PDR between 2-12 June 2014. Interviews were conducted with 40 women and men stakeholders in the ICS value chain.
This analysis demonstrates that the monetization of W+ time units could be highly beneficial for the promotion of ICS. To illustrate this point differently: a cook-stove produces a carbon saving of roughly 1.5 tons over its lifetime and time-savings for women of 312 hours. The total financial value of the carbon saving (to the ICS programme) is 10.50 USD/cook-stove (at 3.50 USD/ton) whereas the total financial value of the W+ time saving ranges between 10 USD (to SNV) plus 10 USD to women beneficiaries and could be as high as 84 USD/cook-stove (to SNV and women beneficiaries, through the sharing mechanism to women needs to be discussed).


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