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Time Saving for Women Users of Biogas in Nepal

Project Status: 
Units Offered: 
Units Purchased: 873
Remaining units available for Purchase: 249,127
Price per Unit: $2.40

The Time Saving for Women Users of Biogas Stoves Project for Kavre and Sindhuli Districts, Nepal is the first project under the W+ Program to be completed. This project, done in partnership with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and with technical assistance from the South Pole Group, measured how much time was saved when women had bio-gas systems and did not have to rely on gathering fuel wood. This W+ pilot project measured the time saved for 1078 rural Nepalese women who replaced their wood generated stoves with those generated by biogas, relieving them of the need to collect fuel wood from the forest and saved 2.2 hours per day. 

Before bio-gas systems, women in these communities spent several hours each day gathering and processing fuel wood in the forest for cooking.


By eliminating this time-consuming, labor-intensive task, women now have the opportunity to pursue income generation, community leadership, and leisure and self-improvement activities. 


A portion of the proceeds of each W+ Unit are returned to the women involved in the project. Your purchase of W+ Units from this project will further support the women in this community.  

Please visit this page for future project updates and stories about the women and families in Kavre and Sindhuli, Nepal.

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