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June 2107 W+ Advisory Council Calls
The W+ Advisory Council members shared their advice about:
  • The Technical Experts Group: compensation, organization, administration
The Second Public Comment Period for The W+ Standard Version 1.3 is Now Open

The second public comment period for The W+ Standard Version 1.3 is now open.

W+ Project Idea Note (PIN) Template

This template is for the development of W+ projects. The key elements of the W+ PIN are:


1.       W+ Standard Project Identification

W+ Project Design Document (PDD) Template

This template is for describing in detail the design and implementation of W+ activities. The key elements of the W+ PDD are:


Double-Counting Policy

The W+ Standard may be applied in a wide variety of project types.

W+ Procedure for Issuing Verification Reports

Verification reports – also known as audit or certification reports – are issued by an accredited verifier.


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