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Health Method
W+ Domain Health Method: Quantification of Improved Health for Women as a result of a Project or Program Level Intervention
The W+ Standard Technical Expert TOR

The Technical Exchange Group (TEG) is an independent ad hoc technical body of gender and monitoring and evaluation experts with experience in various sectors to which the W+ will be applied.

The W+ Advisory Council TOR
The Advisory Council members are invited to participate on a volunteer basis. Their role is non-governing, non-adjudicatory, and non-supervisorial.
The W+ Standard

The W+ Standard establishes the “normative” requirements for implementing a W+ Project. The W+ Program, Standard and the six W+ Domains and criteria have been developed through a consultative process with stakeholders. This included women’s groups and men within community development projects in Asia and Africa, as well as subject matter specialists in gender/women’s empowerment ,carbon project development and certification systems.

W+ Project Idea Note (PIN) Template

This template is for the development of W+ projects. The key elements of the W+ PIN are:


1.       W+ Standard Project Identification

W+ Project Design Document (PDD) Template

This template is for describing in detail the design and implementation of W+ activities. The key elements of the W+ PDD are:


The W+ Program Guide

The W+ Program Guide presents information intended to guide and support Project Developers in meeting the requirements for submitting required PIN, PDD, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, and Validation/Verification documentation to WOCAN for W + project certification. 


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