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Shining the Light Back on WOCAN’s Momentum for Change Award 2016

Almost one year has passed and we are proud to say that winning the UNFCCC 2016 award enabled WOCAN to showcase the W+ Standard as a means to make a positive impact on women’s empowerment and climate simultaneously.

Since then, we have taken concrete steps. Last month, we announced a new mechanism to link co-benefits of women’s empowerment with carbon projects. WOCAN’s W+ Standard is now partnering with the Verified Carbon 

Standard (VCS) Program to offer Verified Carbon Units jointly labeled under both standards. 

It will soon be possible to offset your carbon footprint and benefit women by purchasing W+ Verified Carbon Units through global registries. The first co-certified W+ and carbon credits generated from the biogas project in Nepal than won the award, will be available before the end of the year.   

Check out the video of the W+ Standard featured in the New interactive, online report launched by UNFCCC, together with the other twelve winners of the 2016 Momentum for Change Award

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