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Tanushree Bagh Mukherjee

Tanushree has more than 9 years of professional experience in developing climate change mitigation projects in various sectors, GHG footprinting and co-benefits mapping and reporting services. She has been involved in development of GHG mitigation projects in sectors such as renewable energy, biogas, cookstove, sugar and poultry litter. She has hands on experience in managing Multicountry/Multi technology Programmes of Activities (PoA’s) (UN Ref 6161). She had also received training in ISO 14064. Other areas of her expertise include Sustainable Development (SD) benefit mapping. She manages the Gold Standard (GS) Portfolio of South Pole, which is 70% of the total project portfolio. She is responsible for Sustainable  development (SD) indicator mapping and its monitoring, reporting and verification. She is also the project manager for the first Swiss GS PoA which is under development. She is also a team member of W+ standard, where she has developed the first methodology to quantify time units saved for women (as a measure for women empowerment) in the context of biogas project. She is also responsible for developing the fist ever SD tool for UNDP to measure the improvements in NAMA.

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