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W+ Pilot Project: Nepal

On May 1, WOCAN commenced the W+ Pilot Project in Nepal in partnership with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and the South Pole Group. The project will be implemented within the Biogas Distribution Program of AEPC in Kavre and Sindhuli Districts. 
The WOCAN W+ Team , is conducting the first field-testing of the W+ Standard, specifically using the TIME domain. to measure women's time saved as a result of biogas technology. The use of biogas digesters provides households with a clean and renewable energy source, and relieves women (the primary collectors) from gathering and processing fuel wood, The baseline surveys conducted will measure the amount of time women spend on domestic tasks and how the use of biogas has an impact on the way they spend their time. By decreasing time spent on activities related to fuelwood collection and cooking, women are freed up to pursue income generation, community leadership, education and other activities. 
This Pilot Project will also establish the benefit sharing mechanisms required for W+ certification and establish a rigorous measuring and monitoring system for project outcomes and impacts. 
W+ certified units from this project will be available for sale within a few months to a select group of buyers who understand the value of investing in women. 


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