Accelerating Investments in Women
W+ Launch with Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC and Linda Adams, Climate Action Reserve W+ Domain: Food SecurityW+ Domain: Education and KnowledgeW+ Pilot Project: Time Saving for Women Users of Biogas in NepalBuying W+ units is a donation that sets the stage for future impact investing W+ Pilot Project-Time Saving for Women Users of Biogas in Nepal-Process of W+ Application

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What is the W+ Standard?

WOCAN created the W+ Standard in response to the need to measure the impact of women’s empowerment and accelerate investments in women- particularly women’s groups - to address persistent gaps in their access to resources and capital and scale up solutions to climate change, food security and poverty.

The W+ Standard provides metrics to measure women’s empowerment within existing and new projects. This platform enables governments, companies and individuals to achieve transparency and effectiveness using a results-based framework to ensure progress. It tracks women’s empowerment in six areas: time, income, health, leadership, education and food security.

W+ Units provide a way for companies and governments to measure outcomes within their own projects or purchase units as a way to count towards women’s empowerment/gender targets.

The W+ Stadard's ISEAL Alliance membership is in review. 

Watch how the W+ has measured transformational changes in the lives of Nepalese women

Watch the W+ Introductory Video- Accelerating Investment in Women    

Who is using the W+ Standard ?

Country: Laos
The assessment was conducted to validate the level of viability of the W+ Standard in the context...
Country: Honduras
The W+ Standard is applied to measure the time saved by women engaged in the Improved Firewood Cook...
Country: Indonesia
This project measures 4452 women’s time savings generated by the Indonesia Domestic Biogas...
Country: Nepal
This W+ pilot project measured the time saved for 1078 rural Nepalese women who replaced their wood...

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